awesome chicken coops

Built for Colorado Chicken Coops

The basic 4x4 starts at $899 coop only will hold up to 8 hens comes with 2 inside 12x12 nesting boxes, rear vent, sliding chicken door, 2 roosting bars and ramp unpainted with primed siding. Add a working window with trim for $75, add white vinyl sheet flooring for $25, rear external nesting boxes $195, add a 44 x 48 hardware cloth run with access door $349, skirt around bottom of coop for added run space $59. These are solid heavy duty coops not the flimsy kits you get online and have to be assembled.                   please scroll down
                              Roosting  bars
  4x6 with rear nesting boxes                     8 wide x 4 deep 20 + chickens 8 nesting 
  coop only $1499  base price.                   boxes outside access door $1799 base price.
                   Rear nesting box option
                      Fresh eggs
Add a little ginger bread to your coop
4x4 with rear nesting boxes, working window and custom paint options.
Large coops for more hens & storage  nesting boxes with roosting bars & storage
New 6 wide x 4 deep includes 2 working windows, 4 inside nesting boxes, 2 roosting bars, sliding chicken door and ramp, round front vent holds 12 to 15 hens base price $1499
storage locker added to side